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V and W Logistics is an indigenous  Guyanese, majority-owned and controlled oilfield services company focused on Guyana’s cultural, social and economic development.

The company was established in 2018. It is 100% Guyanese-owned, Guyanese-operated and Guyanese-based. We work in direct response to the Guyana Government's policy to encourage indigenous Guyanese participation in Guyana's oil and gas industry and contribute to the development of Guyana.

V and W Logistics is the partner of choice for oil and gas operators keen to enter Guyana's oil and gas space.

  • Our short-term strategy is to grow and build industry knowledge by forming strategic alliances with competent and reputable international companies with a long-term view and an appetite for Guyana.

  • Our medium-term strategy is to enable V and W Logistics to move up the oil and gas services value chain through in-house technical capability and facilitating the transfer of technology.

  • Our long-term strategy is to ensure that Guyanese citizens participate meaningfully in Guyana’s oil and gas Industry in order to create employment and drive the socio-economic development of Guyana. 

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