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Health, Safety & Environment Policy

V and W Logistics places a high value on conducting its business with respect and care for people and the environment. Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSE) responsibilities are an integral part of our activities.  Successfully managing HSE issues is an essential component of our strategy.

Through management leadership and employee involvement, V and W Logistics will identify HSE risks arising from our activities and reduce them to the lowest practical levels.  Our goal is to prevent harm to our employees, our clients, our communities, and all others who could be affected by those activities, and to minimize impact to the environment.

To emphasize our continuing commitment, V and W Logistics pledges to:


  • Comply with all applicable health, safety and environmental laws, regulations and Company Principles with regard to enforcement;

  • Prevent pollution, reduce wastes, emissions and conserve energy and other natural resources by minimizing the environmental risks associated with our activities;

  • Prevent incidents and maintain effective emergency preparedness, response and recovery programs;

  • Continually improve health, safety and environmental performance with a pro-active and transparent management system designed to establish measurable objectives and targets to prevent work-related injury and illness;

  • Create safe work environments for all employees and ensure each employee understands, is trained and held responsible and accountable for health, safety, and environmental performance while conducting their daily business activities;

  • Maintain awareness of HSE matters, so as to proactively provide a value-added service to our clients.  This awareness is achieved through education, communication, and definition of the goals and standards appropriate to our activities and those undertaken on behalf of our clients;

  • Work with our suppliers, contractors and stakeholders to enhance and achieve targeted HSE performance consistent with Company objectives;

  • Have a Quality Management System that would enhance our HSE Management System’s effectiveness.  

.V and W Logistics takes responsibility for implementing these policy principles through the commitments and actions of employee.

Anti-Corruption Policy

At V and W Logistics we are committed to maintain high standards of honesty, integrity, business ethics and corporate governance in line with laws and regulations in force in the jurisdictions V and W Logistics operates.  Our Code of Ethics and Behaviors outlines the standards and behaviors that V and W Logistics upholds as a corporate entity, to ensure that the highest standards of honesty and integrity are maintained.  This becomes more desirable and important than ever because of emergence of anti-bribery and corruption legislations across the world and international commitments to curb the menace of bribery and corruption. V and W Logistics has a zero-tolerance approach for giving or receiving of bribes or corrupt payments, in any form.  To receive and/or give bribe, and to become an aide to corrupt practices is absolutely prohibited, whether committed by employees or anyone else acting for and on the Company’s behalf. This policy sets out what is and is not acceptable in general terms, but in case of any doubt as to whether any conduct could amount to bribery and corrupt practice, the matter should be referred to the designated officer, who is the Compliance Officer for this policy. It is essential that you read, understand and comply with this policy. This policy also clarifies and identifies practices which could potentially violate anti-bribery and corruption laws in the respective countries where V and W Logistics operates. 

Quality Policy

At V and W Logistics we all share the responsibility for driving continual improvement of our Quality Management Systems. We believe that the business support processes that we offer, reinforced by our Business Model and our Code of Ethics, will ensure that we deliver consistent outstanding performance for high quality products and services provided to our clients.


We are committed to quality, integrity and excellence in everything that we do and our Quality Management System reflects this to give V and W Logistics and Clients confidence that:

  • Client requirements can always be met;

  • Individual competencies and employee commitment will drive efficiency;

  • All processes are described concisely and employees are trained and encouraged; and

  • The V and W Logistics Inc Management System will be integrated and streamlined through continuous improvement. 


The entire line management is accountable for the implementation of this policy and the V and W Logistics Management System and shall remain committed to:

  • Leading by example, and guiding employees in understanding and following processes and procedures;

  • Providing consistency in approach to meeting business and client requirements whilst maintaining compliance to applicable statutory and regulatory requirements; and

  • Sharing good practices and knowledge; 


By doing this, V and W Logistics employees will contribute to the first of our “Business Values” - client focus.


We will achieve this by setting Quality objectives to measure and review the following to better monitor our performance, ensuring ongoing value and reliability to our clients: 

  • Implement and sustain a robust audit program to achieve effective process performance;

  • Measure our performance against stakeholder needs to uphold predetermined high standards; and

  • Maintain a process to continually improve the V and W Logistics Management System ensuring relevance and value add.


We commit all employees of V and W Logistics to abide by and implement our policies and procedures in order to enhance our reputation as a client focused company.

Sexual Harassment Policy

V and W Logistics is committed to the principle of Equal Opportunity in Employment and to providing a workplace that is free of harassment of any kind.

This policy applies to all employees, agents and contractors, who are referred to in this policy as stakeholders. It is important to note that this policy is not limited to the company’s workplace or to an employee’s ordinary working hours. 

Sexual harassment is conduct of a sexual nature which is unwelcome and which a stakeholder regards as offensive, humiliating or intimidating. This harassment may also make the stakeholder feel disadvantaged if the person objects to it. 

Sexual harassment will not be tolerated within V and W Logistics. Any stakeholder found to have sexually harassed another employee, contractor, client or supplier is personally responsible for his or her conduct.

Appropriate disciplinary action will be taken against any employee who is found to have engaged in sexual harassment. Depending on the seriousness of the incident this may include termination of employment.

Alcohol and Drug Policy

The Management of V and W Logistics is committed to providing a healthy, productive and safe workplace.


The Company recognizes that alcohol and drug abuse can have adverse effects upon an individual’s ability to perform their duties safely, effectively and as a consequence can endanger themselves, their fellow workers and the public.


V and W Logistics requires that ALL employees comply with the Alcohol and Drug Policy.

V and W Logistics employees shall not report to work or enter places of work if under the influence of Alcohol or Drugs.

V and W Logistics employees shall not perform any task whilst under the influence of Alcohol and/or Drugs.

V and W Logistics employees shall not possess, use or consume, distribute or sell Alcohol or illicit unprescribed drugs or misuse prescribed medication while performing work for V and W Logistics Inc.

V and W Logistics will make every effort to provide assistance and rehabilitation to employees who have Alcohol and/or Drugs dependency in the form of reference to medical assistance or counselling if required.

V and W Logistics will require that its consultants, contractors, subcontractors and their employees comply with this policy.

Failure to comply may result in the termination of employment or contract with V and W Logistics.

Rehabilitation Policy

Management of V and W Logistics considers its employees to be important assets and, to assist in their welfare, is committed to providing and strongly supporting occupational rehabilitation for any employee who sustains injury or illness at work.

The company recognizes that cooperation between all parties is essential for rehabilitation to occur.

The company, after consultation with injured employees and medical advisers, will develop individual rehabilitation plans and endeavor to provide suitable duties within the workplace for employees during rehabilitation.

Rehabilitation will be offered as an early and integral part of therapy to assist employee’s recovery and return to full employment on the principle that the workplace is the most appropriate and effective place for rehabilitation.

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